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Bands we Manage


Metal - France/Canada

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After much time and work, Nightshade (French/American metal band) has finished writing and recording a second full length album at the renown Studio Fredman. The new album covers a vast array of vigorous progressive sounds, technical melodic undertones, and shatters the mold of the modern day metal spectrum. The very tight and raw writing/recording style gives the record a distinct yet accessible sound to a variety of personal musical preferences. NightShade is like the French "JOB FOR A COWBOY" or "WHITECHAPEL", so a crazy technical deathcore ! With their modern touch, they mix perfectly the velocity of previous named bands and the "dance" touch of "Attack Attack". Groovy and Brutal at the same time ! "Season Of Mist" They're gonna record a new album this summer and this one will be mixed/mastered by Jason Suecof (Born Of Osiris, August Burns Red, Black Dahlia Murder, Trivium...)

Sweetest Devilry

Melodic Technical Metal - Paris

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Founded in 2012 by Jeff and Adrian, SWEETEST DEVILRY deliver a melodic technical metal. In April 2012, they recorded their first production, a 8 titles cd named " Funny Human Race" with Terje Refnes (Gorgoroth, Carpathian Forest, Turisas...) then signed a deal with Energy Zombie Management. In February, they will record a new LP at the Nalcon Studio (NightShade, Quintessence of Versatility) before going on their first european tour with DEICIDE (USA), DESTINITY (FR), KARNAK (ITA) and ARVAS (NOR). "End of the world tour" gonna be the first but not the last tour of 2013, so keep your eyes open and your neck ready, cause SWEETEST DEVILRY gonna be LOUD!"

The Convalescence

Death Metal / Deathcore - Toledo, OH (USA)

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The Convalescence is a Death Metal/Deathcore band created in Toledo,OH in 2011 by Keith Wampler (Vocals) after several member changes throughout the years the band is now based all over the country and includes Keyboardist/Vocalist Katie McCrimmon (ex Archetyped) from El Paso,TX, Guitarist/Vocalist Luke Walden (ex Pound For Pound) from Springfield,IL, Guitarist John Jones (Ex The Weight Of Us),Bassist Spencer Kropog and Drummer Justin Dubay (Adrift Of River Styx) from Cleveland,OH.
The Convalescence has put in extensive touring since becoming a band including The Ground Zero Tour with As Blood Runs Black, Rings Of Saturn, Upon This Dawning, and Those Who Fear in 2014, and The Midwest In Distress Tour with This Is A Lifetime, The Back To The U.S. Tour with Cryptopsy, Disgorge, Erimha, and Soreption, The Civil Unrest Tour with Ill Nino, Straight Line Stitch, The Bloodline, Motograter, Thira, Lydia Can't Breathe, Darkc3ll, and Gabriel and the Apocalypse, The Beaten Path Tour with Beside The Silence, The West Coast Annihilation Tour with Ursa Minor, and the last tour of 2015 with Neurotic November and Brotherwolf in 2015.
The Convalescence also appeared on select shows with Ice Nine Kills, Like Moths To Flames, It Lies Within, Serpents, Master, Sacrificial Slaughter, Vital Remains, Mushroomhead, All Shall Perish, Carnifex, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Conducting From The Grave, The Contortionist, King Conquer, Abiotic, The Bunny The Bear, In Dying Arms, Kingdom Of Giants, Reformers, Abigial Williams, Panzerfaust, The Bad Chapter, Sworn Enemy, Wretched, Dark Sermon, Hammerfight, Micawber, Oceano, and Demolisher, as well as performing on the 2015 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival with Slayer, King Diamond, Hellyeah, The Devil Wears Prada, Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, Jungle Rot, Kissing Candice, Feed Her To The Sharks, Sworn In, Sister Sin, Shattered Sun, and Code Orange and Dirtfest 2015 with Hellyeah, Coal Chamber, Fear Factory, Mushroomhead, King 810, Jasta, Beyond Threshold, Upon A Burning Body, and Below The Tide.
The Convalescence will release this year on a new label soon announced their 4th record which was tracked at Vibe Studios by John Burke (Forever In Terror) and will be mixed and mastered by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy) at Grid Productions.
The Convalescence goes global in 2016....stay tuned.

Unbreakable Hatred

Death Metal - Quebec City

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Formed in 2008, by Philippe, his brother and his good friend Simon, Unbreakable Hatred a three piece Death Metal band based out of Quebec City, Quebec. This three piece wants to create a unique Death Metal sound with a mix of brutality and groove.
The band finally recorded their debut album Total Chaos. The album is a blend of -old school death metal and modern technical- Soon following, Unbreakable Hatred joined Galy and Lacerated Enemy Record.
In august 2011, Unbreakable hit the road for the first time in Canada with Misery Index and Fuck The Facts in support of their first full lenght album.
One year later, UNBREAKABLE Hatred hit the road again as part of the realm of Europe tour with Condemned and then, the end of humanity tour with Origin and Suffocation.
Upon returning home, Unbreakable Hatred began writing for what would become their second full lenght called RUINS.
After almost 3 years Unbreakable Hatred return in studios with Chris Donaldson at The Grid studios.
The album title perfectly reflects the album cover.
The new album RUINS is a mix of grind, brutal, groove and technical death metal.
Recently, they just signed a new deal with Unique Leader Records.


Stoner - France

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Appalooza is a long-gone stallion speeding after a lost freedom. The band finds its essence in a stony desert’s dust, following the paths of such bands as the Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden or Red Fang. In a far-western French city called Brest, the ride begins. Appalooza’s singer’s gravelly voice and spirited guitar first encounter the drummer’s mighty, yet subtle game. A sharp-styled and melody-oriented guitar player, followed by a rumbly, loud bass player joins them. The band unexpectedly wins an acoustic music contest in summer 2012 and releases a four-track record entitled ‘Squamata’ in March 2013. Several sessions on air and some hundred gigs later, the band releases its first official clip: ‘Darkening’ gives a glimpse of their high-powered stage performance. By the end of 2014, Appalooza’s self-produced four-track EP sees the light of day, followed by a clip bearing the same name. ‘Chameleon’ embodies Appalooza’s musical and visual reincarnation.

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